The high performance 3D machining solution to make your parts with ease !
Mayka, so easy to use on your first day Mayka combines power and effectiveness
Mayka is as easily useable by professionals as it is by nonspecialists for fast efficient machining and data processing.

Its graphic interface makes it very convivial and pleasant to use.

The homogeneity of the interface in all the available functions makes it possible to parameterise machining in 2D/3D easily for 3, 4 and 5 axis milling machines and multi-axis robots.
More than 15 years development in collaboration with its worldwide users, Mayka provides at your disposal a range of tools adapted to your trade and industry. Several mouse clicks is all it takes to prepare the most complexed CNC programs.

All forms, even most complex, are realisable thanks to the diversity of Strategys available to you.
The precise piloting of the tool guarantees a surface quality which will give satisfaction to the most demanding programmer.
Mayka is ideal for your rapid prototyping
The provision of a great number of functionalities simplifies the preparation of you programs considerably.

Mayka automatically manages multi sided machining of your parts with the invert function (material block preperation for profiling, surfacing and location drilling).

Functions for dividing models into machinable sections or layers, allow the realisation of complicated parts that are too large for your machine.

Enhanced visualization of inaccessible areas to the cutting tool, make’s it easy to optimise the orientation of your parts.
Mayka is compatible with a wide range of CAD based design software and digitising systems.

The advanced post processor generator makes it possible to control all types numerically controlled milling machines (more than 200 references are already available):
  • 2D Router’s
  • 3 & 4 axis
  • 5 axis in all configurations
  • Robots with 6 axis and more …
Mayka, is available in a range of complete software solutions
Mayka 2D Machining of 2D vectors imported as Illustrator and DXF 2D using contouring, drilling and pocketing. Its 2.5 D cutting in a simple affordable solution. (Mayka Model has the option to add Mayka 2D. Expert and Pro include 2D.)
Mayka Model 3D model machining in 3/4 axis using sweeping and profiling strategies. If you need just clean 3D cutting, then Mayka Model is a compliment to any machine.
Mayka Pro A whole range of machining features for the optimal management of creating toolpaths. Perfect when you have your own CAD to prepare the parts prior to machining.
Mayka Expert Is the total solution for all types of 3/4/5 axis machining technology. In addition to its many machining strategys, a whole set of CAD orientated functions are included for the preparation the most complexed parts to be machined. These include, but are not limited to, splitting of models into managable sections, array nesting, boundry extraction to reduce machining times, and much more ...
Zone client
Mot de passe
N01 (OPERATION : - TOOL : number 1 diameter 6. lenght 112.)
N02 (OPERATION : - TOOL : number 2 diameter 8. lenght 73.)
N20 M48
N25 G90 G71 G40
N30 G96
N35 G990
N40 M999
N45 G09F1
N50 G800
N55 G52L1
N60 X0. Y0.
N65 C338.33 B0.
N70 S5000
N75 T1
N80 M3
N85 G47
N90 G0 Z55.
N95 C338.33 B0.
N100 X0. Y0.
N105 M31
N110 G00 Z63.52
N115 G01 Z50.F900
N120 X0.22 Y-0.09 B0.04F1200
N125 X18.19 Y8.24 Z49.4 B3.39 C384.36
N130 X13.8 Y17.58 Z49.21 B3.8 C411.86
N135 X9.4 Y26.91 Z48.74 B4.85 C430.75
N140 X4.99 Y36.22 Z48.01 B6.22 C442.16
N145 X-8.4 Y36.6 Z47.82 B6.39 C462.92
N150 X-21.79 Y36.93 Z47.18 B7.3 C480.54
N155 X-35.13 Y37.22 Z46.09 B8.72 C493.35
N160 X-44.94 Y25.01 Z45.94 B8.77 C510.9
N165 X-54.68 Y12.74 Z45.18 B9.58 C526.89
N170 X-64.3 Y0.46 Z43.81 B10.98 C539.59
N175 X-61.78 Y-16.94 Z43.72 B10.95 C555.34
N180 X-59.11 Y-34.35 Z42.86 B11.69 C570.16
N185 X-56.31 Y-51.64 Z41.23 B13.08 C582.52
N190 X-34.23 Y-69.36 Z40.83 B13.25 C603.73
N195 X-11.94 Y-86.66 Z38.46 B15.02 C622.16
N200 X18.7 Y-86.01 Z38.1 B15.12 C642.27
N205 X49.2 Y-84.75 Z35.45 B16.88 C660.14
N210 X73.01 Y-66.96 Z34.92 B17.08 C677.47
N215 X96.34 Y-48.74 Z32.26 B18.65 C693.17
N220 X106.6 Y-19.83 Z31.88 B18.75 C709.46
N225 X116.12 Y9.22 Z29.25 B20.19 C724.54
N230 X110.66 Y38.16 Z28.84 B20.3 C739.03
N235 X104.48 Y66.86 Z26.37 B21.56 C752.61
N240 X84.75 Y91.11 Z25.98 B21.65 C767.07
N245 X64.39 Y114.69 Z23.3 B22.93 C780.69
N250 X35.82 Y126.97 Z22.91 B23.02 C794.25
N255 X6.98 Y138.33 Z20.26 B24.23 C807.11
N260 X-23.61 Y136.91 Z19.84 B24.32 C819.78
N265 X-54.03 Y134.53 Z17.26 B25.44 C831.88
N270 X-80.66 Y121.04 Z16.82 B25.54 C843.68
N275 X-106.75 Y106.75 Z14.34 B26.57 C855.
N280 X-126.62 Y82.91 Z13.91 B26.66 C866.79
N285 X-145.59 Y58.47 Z11.3 B27.7 C878.12
N290 X-154.48 Y29.92 Z10.84 B27.81 C889.04
N295 X-162.33 Y1.17 Z8.38 B28.75 C899.59
N300 X-160.01 Y-29.65 Z7.93 B28.85 C910.5
N305 X-156.54 Y-60.26 Z5.36 B29.8 C921.06
N310 X-130.56 Y-112.98 Z2.47 B30.77 C940.87
N315 X-86.92 Y-154.82 Z-0.48 B31.74 C960.69
N320 X-30.09 Y-179.87 Z-3.54 B32.71 C980.5
N325 X33.53 Y-184.13 Z-6.65 B33.68 C1000.32
N330 X91.33 Y-168.3 Z-9.59 B34.56 C1018.49
N335 X142.64 Y-134.65 Z-12.87 B35.53 C1036.65
N340 X181.34 Y-85.27 Z-15.95 B36.42 C1054.82
N345 X203.04 Y-25. Z-19.09 B37.31 C1072.98
N350 X205.48 Y34.37 Z-22. B38.12 C1089.5
N355 X190.58 Y92.99 Z-24.96 B38.92 C1106.01
N360 X159. Y145.81 Z-27.98 B39.73 C1122.52
N365 X112.87 Y188.11 Z-31.04 B40.54 C1139.04
N370 X58.7 Y214.93 Z-33.99 B41.31 C1154.72
N375 X-1.63 Y226.15 Z-37.01 B42.07 C1170.41
N380 X-60.42 Y221.22 Z-39.9 B42.8 C1185.28
N385 X-116.71 Y201.03 Z-42.82 B43.53 C1200.14
N390 X-166.54 Y166.54 Z-45.8 B44.25 C1215.
N395 X-206.33 Y119.79 Z-48.79 B44.98 C1229.86
N400 X-233.05 Y63.65 Z-51.85 B45.71 C1244.72
N405 X-244.54 Y1.76 Z-54.94 B46.44 C1259.59
N410 X-239.67 Y-61.76 Z-58.04 B47.16 C1274.45
N415 X-218.31 Y-122.57 Z-61.22 B47.89 C1289.31
N420 X-184.04 Y-173.73 Z-64.22 B48.58 C1303.35
N425 X-137.83 Y-215.4 Z-67.28 B49.26 C1317.39
N430 X-85.78 Y-243.52 Z-70.18 B49.91 C1330.6
N435 X-28.12 Y-259.12 Z-73.09 B50.55 C1343.81
N440 X32.14 Y-261.05 Z-76.06 B51.2 C1357.02
N445 X91.77 Y-249.02 Z-79.04 B51.85 C1370.23
N450 X147.55 Y-223.43 Z-82.02 B52.49 C1383.44
N455 X196.57 Y-185.55 Z-85.45 B53.22 C1396.65
N460 X235.72 Y-136.85 Z-88.52 B53.86 C1409.86
N465 X262.91 Y-80.01 Z-91.59 B54.51 C1423.07
N470 X276.01 Y-21.92 Z-94.5 B55.12 C1435.46
N475 X276.27 Y38.06 Z-97.45 B55.72 C1447.84
N480 X262.23 Y100.95 Z-100.62 B56.37 C1461.06
N485 X233.97 Y159.4 Z-103.78 B57.01 C1474.27
N490 X195.66 Y207.28 Z-106.78 B57.62 C1486.65
N495 X147.62 Y246.03 Z-109.82 B58.23 C1499.04
N500 X88.08 Y275.14 Z-113.07 B58.87 C1512.25
N505 X23.03 Y289.94 Z-116.33 B59.52 C1525.46
N510 X-35.74 Y290.34 Z-119.21 B60.08 C1537.02
N515 X-93.73 Y278.85 Z-122.1 B60.65 C1548.58
N520 X-148.52 Y255.82 Z-125.01 B61.21 C1560.14
N525 X-197.82 Y222.06 Z-127.93 B61.78 C1571.7
N530 X-239.56 Y178.85 Z-130.87 B62.34 C1583.26
N535 X-271.94 Y127.87 Z-133.82 B62.91 C1594.82
N540 X-293.5 Y71.13 Z-136.8 B63.47 C1606.38
N545 X-303.27 Y10.93 Z-139.78 B64.04 C1617.94
N550 X-300.74 Y-50.3 Z-142.79 B64.61 C1629.5
N555 X-286.62 Y-107.97 Z-145.69 B65.15 C1640.64
N560 X-261.46 Y-162.04 Z-148.62 B65.7 C1651.79
N565 X-224.68 Y-212.08 Z-151.66 B66.26 C1663.35
N570 X-178.39 Y-253.9 Z-154.71 B66.83 C1674.91
N575 X-124.41 Y-285.68 Z-157.78 B67.39 C1686.47
N580 X-64.9 Y-306.05 Z-160.86 B67.96 C1698.03
N585 X-34.83 Y-311.11 Z-161.91 B68.14 C1703.61
N590 X-4.53 Y-314.01 Z-163.84 B68.5 C1709.17
N595 X26.07 Y-313.16 Z-164.91 B68.68 C1714.76
N600 X56.47 Y-310.1 Z-166.84 B69.05 C1720.32
N605 X87.52 Y-302.99 Z-167.94 B69.23 C1726.11
N610 X117.91 Y-293.59 Z-169.95 B69.61 C1731.88
N615 X174.98 Y-264.96 Z-173.08 B70.18 C1743.44
N620 X225.32 Y-225.32 Z-176.21 B70.74 C1755.
N625 X238.23 Y-212.24 Z-177.58 B70.99 C1758.3
N630 X276.85 Y-160.73 Z-180.73 B71.55 C1769.86
N635 X304.43 Y-102.32 Z-183.9 B72.12 C1781.42
N640 X319.77 Y-39.37 Z-187.07 B72.68 C1792.98
N645 X322.14 Y25.59 Z-190.25 B73.25 C1804.54
N650 X311.38 Y89.88 Z-193.45 B73.81 C1816.1
N655 X287.87 Y150.88 Z-196.65 B74.38 C1827.66
N660 X252.48 Y206.07 Z-199.86 B74.94 C1839.22
N665 X206.6 Y253.14 Z-203.08 B75.51 C1850.78
N670 X152.07 Y290.13 Z-206.3 B76.07 C1862.34
N675 X91.06 Y315.48 Z-209.54 B76.64 C1873.9
N680 X58.8 Y323.11 Z-210.84 B76.86 C1879.69
N685 X26.06 Y328.08 Z-212.78 B77.2 C1885.46
N690 X-40.3 Y327.37 Z-216.03 B77.77 C1897.02
N695 X-73.11 Y321.68 Z-217.37 B77.99 C1902.8
N700 X-105.31 Y313.31 Z-219.29 B78.33 C1908.58
N705 X-166.29 Y286.43 Z-222.55 B78.9 C1920.14
N710 X-220.73 Y247.76 Z-225.82 B79.46 C1931.7
N715 X-266.38 Y198.86 Z-229.1 B80.03 C1943.26
N720 X-301.34 Y141.69 Z-232.38 B80.6 C1954.82
N725 X-324.13 Y78.56 Z-235.67 B81.16 C1966.38
N730 X-333.8 Y12.03 Z-238.96 B81.73 C1977.94
N735 X-329.89 Y-55.18 Z-242.26 B82.29 C1989.5
N740 X-314.21 Y-115.79 Z-245.33 B82.82 C2000.23
N745 X-287.44 Y-172.46 Z-248.4 B83.34 C2010.96
N750 X-247.33 Y-226.82 Z-251.71 B83.91 C2022.52
N755 X-197.06 Y-272.06 Z-255.02 B84.47 C2034.08
N760 X-138.67 Y-306.31 Z-258.33 B85.04 C2045.64
N765 X-74.54 Y-328.15 Z-261.65 B85.6 C2057.2
N770 X-52.32 Y-332.27 Z-262.66 B85.77 C2061.05
N775 X-29.81 Y-335.12 Z-263.78 B85.96 C2064.92
N780 X-7.28 Y-336.68 Z-264.97 B86.17 C2068.76
N785 X15.33 Y-336.25 Z-266. B86.34 C2072.61
N790 X37.97 Y-334.52 Z-267.11 B86.53 C2076.48
N795 X60.37 Y-331.52 Z-268.3 B86.73 C2080.32
N800 X125.65 Y-312.86 Z-271.62 B87.3 C2091.88
N805 X185.87 Y-281.46 Z-274.95 B87.86 C2103.44
N810 X238.58 Y-238.58 Z-278.28 B88.43 C2115.
N815 X251.91 Y-224.42 Z-279.71 B88.67 C2118.3
N820 X291.82 Y-169.42 Z-283.04 B89.24 C2129.86
N825 X319.88 Y-107.52 Z-286.36 B89.8 C2141.42
N830 X334.94 Y-41.23 Z-289.69 B90.37 C2152.98
N835 X336.37 Y26.72 Z-293.02 B90.93 C2164.54
N840 X324.13 Y93.56 Z-296.35 B91.5 C2176.1
N845 X298.72 Y156.57 Z-299.68 B92.06 C2187.66
N850 X261.18 Y213.17 Z-303.01 B92.63 C2199.22
N855 X213.06 Y261.05 Z-306.33 B93.19 C2210.78
N860 X156.34 Y298.27 Z-309.66 B93.76 C2222.34
N865 X93.33 Y323.34 Z-312.98 B94.32 C2233.9
N870 X60.24 Y330.7 Z-314.76 B94.63 C2239.68
N875 X26.62 Y335.21 Z-316.3 B94.89 C2245.46
N880 X-41.05 Y333.45 Z-319.61 B95.45 C2257.02
N885 X-106.93 Y318.15 Z-322.93 B96.02 C2268.58
N890 X-168.34 Y289.96 Z-326.24 B96.58 C2280.14
N895 X-222.76 Y250.05 Z-329.54 B97.15 C2291.7
N900 X-268.01 Y200.09 Z-332.85 B97.72 C2303.26
N905 X-302.26 Y142.13 Z-336.15 B98.28 C2314.82
N910 X-324.13 Y78.56 Z-339.44 B98.85 C2326.38
N915 X-332.77 Y11.99 Z-342.73 B99.41 C2337.94
N920 X-327.87 Y-54.84 Z-346.01 B99.98 C2349.5
N925 X-311.39 Y-114.75 Z-349.05 B100.5 C2360.23
N930 X-284.05 Y-170.43 Z-352.08 B101.03 C2370.96
N935 X-243.66 Y-223.45 Z-355.35 B101.59 C2382.52
N940 X-193.55 Y-267.2 Z-358.61 B102.16 C2394.08
N945 X-135.78 Y-299.91 Z-361.86 B102.72 C2405.64
N950 X-72.76 Y-320.31 Z-365.11 B103.29 C2417.2
N955 X-40.09 Y-325.3 Z-367.05 B103.64 C2422.97
N960 X-7.08 Y-327.62 Z-368.35 B103.85 C2428.76
N965 X25.85 Y-325.94 Z-370.3 B104.21 C2434.53
N970 X58.57 Y-321.6 Z-371.58 B104.42 C2440.32
N975 X121.51 Y-302.56 Z-374.8 B104.98 C2451.88
N980 X179.19 Y-271.34 Z-378.01 B105.55 C2463.44
N985 X229.3 Y-229.3 Z-381.22 B106.11 C2475.
N990 X241.78 Y-215.4 Z-382.57 B106.36 C2478.3
N995 X279.22 Y-162.1 Z-385.76 B106.92 C2489.86
N1000 X305.11 Y-102.55 Z-388.94 B107.49 C2501.42
N1005 X318.47 Y-39.21 Z-392.12 B108.05 C2512.98
N1010 X318.81 Y25.32 Z-395.28 B108.62 C2524.54
N1015 X306.24 Y88.4 Z-398.43 B109.18 C2536.1
N1020 X281.34 Y147.46 Z-401.57 B109.75 C2547.66
N1025 X245.2 Y200.12 Z-404.7 B110.31 C2559.22
N1030 X199.38 Y244.29 Z-407.81 B110.88 C2570.78
N1035 X145.83 Y278.23 Z-410.92 B111.44 C2582.34
N1040 X86.78 Y300.63 Z-414.02 B112.01 C2593.9
N1045 X55.93 Y306.79 Z-416.03 B112.39 C2599.67
N1050 X24.67 Y310.66 Z-417.1 B112.57 C2605.46
N1055 X-37.92 Y308.02 Z-420.17 B113.14 C2617.02
N1060 X-68.44 Y301.58 Z-422.19 B113.53 C2622.79
N1065 X-98.46 Y292.93 Z-423.22 B113.71 C2628.58
N1070 X-154.48 Y266.09 Z-426.27 B114.27 C2640.14
N1075 X-203.75 Y228.7 Z-429.3 B114.84 C2651.7
N1080 X-244.32 Y182.39 Z-432.32 B115.4 C2663.26
N1085 X-274.61 Y129.13 Z-435.32 B115.97 C2674.82
N1090 X-293.48 Y71.13 Z-438.31 B116.53 C2686.38
N1095 X-300.28 Y10.82 Z-441.28 B117.1 C2697.94
N1100 X-294.85 Y-49.32 Z-444.23 B117.66 C2709.5
N1105 X-277.53 Y-106.84 Z-447.17 B118.23 C2721.06
N1110 X-249.14 Y-159.42 Z-450.1 B118.79 C2732.61
N1115 X-210.98 Y-204.99 Z-453.01 B119.36 C2744.17
N1120 X-164.7 Y-241.75 Z-455.9 B119.92 C2755.73
N1125 X-112.27 Y-268.3 Z-458.77 B120.49 C2767.29
N1130 X-47.65 Y-284.91 Z-462.03 B121.14 C2780.5
N1135 X18.59 Y-286.3 Z-465.29 B121.78 C2793.72
N1140 X79.04 Y-273.84 Z-468.32 B122.39 C2806.1
N1145 X135.02 Y-248.81 Z-471.32 B122.99 C2818.49
N1150 X186.9 Y-209.8 Z-474.49 B123.64 C2831.7
N1155 X227.93 Y-160.14 Z-478.02 B124.37 C2844.91
N1160 X256.38 Y-102.96 Z-481.07 B125.01 C2858.12
N1165 X270.7 Y-41.28 Z-483.99 B125.66 C2871.33
N1170 X270.36 Y21.47 Z-486.78 B126.3 C2884.54
N1175 X255.48 Y81.79 Z-489.31 B126.95 C2897.75
N1180 X233.65 Y122.46 Z-489.47 B127.43 C2907.66
N1185 X193.32 Y167.29 Z-487.84 B128.08 C2920.87
N1190 X146.3 Y201.98 Z-487.53 B128.73 C2934.08
N1195 X120.88 Y214.84 Z-487.49 B129.05 C2940.64
N1200 X63.49 Y219.96 Z-477.57 B129.7 C2953.9
N1205 X11.43 Y226.49 Z-480.14 B130.34 C2967.11
N1210 X-40.24 Y220.96 Z-482.68 B130.99 C2980.32
N1215 X-94.51 Y200.99 Z-485.52 B131.71 C2995.18
N1220 X-141.27 Y168.09 Z-488.32 B132.44 C3010.05
N1225 X-177.56 Y124.75 Z-491.09 B133.17 C3024.91
N1230 X-201.18 Y74.14 Z-493.82 B133.89 C3039.77
N1235 X-210.85 Y19.81 Z-496.53 B134.62 C3054.63
N1240 X-206.24 Y-34.5 Z-499.2 B135.35 C3069.5
N1245 X-188.03 Y-85.13 Z-501.83 B136.08 C3084.36
N1250 X-157.79 Y-128.78 Z-504.43 B136.8 C3099.22
N1255 X-117.85 Y-162.7 Z-507. B137.53 C3114.08
N1260 X-65.71 Y-186.55 Z-509.81 B138.34 C3130.6
N1265 X-9.81 Y-194.39 Z-512.57 B139.14 C3147.11
N1270 X45.09 Y-186.06 Z-515.3 B139.95 C3163.62
N1275 X94.5 Y-162.77 Z-517.97 B140.76 C3180.14
N1280 X131.01 Y-131.01 Z-520.34 B141.49 C3195.
N1285 G00 X154.58 Y-154.58 Z-562.22
N1290 G46
N1295 G0 Z55.
N1300 C0 B0
N1305 G09F1
N1310 G990
N1315 G90 G0 Z0
N1320 M51
N1325 G00 X0 Y0 B0 C0
N1335 M02