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Mayka V8 and Mayka Dental




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Simple & user fiendly

PicaSoft aims at crafting simple software solutions, so you can easily create toolpaths, even on the most complex shapes.

From importing your project to exporting the toolpaths to your CNC machines, every step is easy, quick and efficient.

Impressive & efficient

Whether you have a 3, 4 or 5-axes milling machine, Mayka features a large number of tools to make it even easier to set and edit your milling programs.

A perfect tool for rapid prototyping, Mayka V8 is just the impressive efficient software you need to team up with your CNC machines.


Mayka brings you the most compatible tool to manage your production. PicaSoft's softwares easily team up with CAD softwares and digitilization systems.

Mayka allows you to easily import and set the milling you want. Mayka is compatible with a broad variety of file formats so you can work on various supports: CAD files (step, iges), low reliefs (vna), terrain (ign), images (gif, jpg, bmp), stl, 3ds, dxf, ai, eps...
With over 200 CNC file formats, PicaSoft offers you the possibility to manage many different machines, including CielleTM, CharlyrobotTM, DatronTM, HaasTM, IselTM, Roland DGTM, RealmecaTM, MecanumericTM, YenaTM, amongst others.


When using Mayka, you come to realize how trouble-free, resourceful and time-saver a CAM software might be.

Throughout numerous developments, PicaSoft turned Mayka into a user firendly software, offering you more and more milling strategies to fit your needs and complement your creativity.

Mayka V8


Featuring the perfect tools for rapid prototyping, Mayka V8 is just the impressive efficient software you need to team up with your CNC machines.


Mayka has been developped for discrete geomety milling (STL meshes, point clouds, images). It is compatible with all CAD softwares, polyhedral modellers (Amapi lightware, 3DS, FormZ...) and digitization systems (Roland Picza, Renishaw, Scanner laser).

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Mayka Dental


Premium CAM Software for Dentists and Dental Technicians


Mayka Dental can team up with all dental scanners . It is the perfect tool to produce dentures, crowns, implants and bridges.

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A tool for creative creation

Thanks to a 3D texture mapping technology, you can create 3D models from pictures or o utlines.

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