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 Thanks to a 3D texture mapping technology, you can create 3D models from pictures or outlines.

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A perfect tool for imaginative creators

Easy to use, Stenza lets you fully focus on creativity.



Sculpting tools

Stenza offers you sculpting tools, giving your creations an authentic apperance.





Intuitive interface & powerful technology


Stenza meets the need of jewellers, goldsmiths, ceramists, engravers, computer graphic creators and designers.



Make your CAD models truly yours


Thanks to tenza, you can decorate your CAD models, add 3D textures, put low-reliefs on moulds...


Genuine improvment of digitized files

With Stenza you can make the appropriate corrections and final improvements to digitized files. Stenza allows you to smooth down the noise in the file, as well as to combine your model with others, either imported models or Stenza models.
Its compatibility with digitized data and its export in STL, makes a complementary solution to existing software.




3D Creation

 Stenza turns your 2D designs into 3D creations and features easy logo and signs design.


Simple & efficient

All parameters can either be edited with your mouse or with precise accurate values, so you can easily choose the way you want to work.

Assembly mode between objects

Fast and reliable Boolean operations are updated automatically: absolute, addition, substraction, union, intersection

Vectorial tools

Filling in the inside part of a closed contour, according to a profile, application along a curve, distorsion.


Bitmap tools

This unique solution allows an accurate control over shapes: paint brush, air brush (either adding or removing material), blur, smudge...

 Selection tools

The many Stenza tools are available to work in a user-friendly way: rectangle, lasso, manual selection, magic wand, selection filling, Z-shift...