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STL files and other meshes


It takes only few seconds to open a large STL file


and only few minutes to set an accurate milling, whether it is a 3, 4 or 5-axis toolpath.


  • All direction milling
  • Z constant, both for roughing and finishing
  • Automatic milling of horizontal planes
  • Featuring various milling directions, including parallel, spiral and spherical toolpaths.
  • Model spliting and Model hole filling.
  • Featuring offset finishing, undercuts, withdrawal, differentiated scales...
  • Automated 2-sided milling.





Low-relief sampling and mapping tools


Mayka features many high quality low reliefs projection and mapping tools


  • directional
  • cylindrical
  • polar
  • spherical




Bitmap & images files



Mayka can manage picture files



  • Mayka can open BMP files
  • Mayka converts your files into point clouds
  • Depending on its grey level, each pixel has a given height














Mayka brings you the most compatible tool to manage your production. PicaSoft's softwares easily team up with CAD softwares and digitilization systems.


  • CAD (step, iges, stl, 3ds, dxf, ai)
  • Low-reliefs (vna)
  • Terrain (ign)
  • Images (gif, jpg, bmp)


With over 200 CNC file formats, PicaSoft offers you the possibility to manage many different machines, including CielleTM, CharlyrobotTM, DatronTM, HaasTM, IselTM, Roland DGTM, RealmecaTM, MecanumericTM, YenaTM, amongst others.


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