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Mayka V8

The new version of our long-time developped CAM software is now available. It will be the perfect tool to team up with your CNC machine to achieve great results.

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Milling of STL and other mesh files

It takes only few seconds to open a large STL file

and only few minutes to set an accurate milling, whether it is a 3, 4 or 5-axis toolpath.


  • All direction milling
  • Z constant, both for roughing and finishing
  • Automatic milling of horizontal planes
  • Featuring various milling directions, including parallel, spiral and spherical toolpaths.
  • Model spliting and Model hole filling.
  • Featuring offset finishing, undercuts, withdrawal, differentiated scales...
  • Automated 2-sided milling.

STEP and IGES milling

Mayka features many high quality low reliefs projection and mapping tools


  • directional
  • cylindrical
  • polar
  • sphérical

Low-relief sampling and mapping

Mayka est compatible avec les fichiers images


  • Les fichiers BMP s'ouvrent dans Mayka
  • Mayka convertit vos fichiers en nuages de points
  • Pour chaque pixel, le relief est donné en tonalités de gris


Milling of bitmap images

Mayka is compatible with a broad variety of file formats so you can work on various supports


  • CAD files  (step, iges, stl, 3ds, dxf, ai)
  • Low-reliefs (vna)
  • Terrain (ign)
  • Images (gif, jpg, bmp)


With over 200 CNC file formats, PicaSoft offers you the possibility to manage many different machines: CielleTM, CharlyrobotTM, DatronTM, HaasTM, IselTM, Roland DGTM, RealmecaTM, MecanumericTM, YenaTM, amongst others...

Complete range

Mayka PRO

Available for 3 or 4-axis machines, Mayka PRO offers you the basics for a great start with CAM softwares.


Mayka Pro features many milling strategies as well as real time savers, so that you can achieve the milling you demand:


  • Engraving of 2D outlines onto 3D models
  • Low relief mapping and projection
  • Contouring, pocket machining, drilling, raised angle cutting...
  • Enhanced sweeping
  • Improved roughing strategies
  • Z-constant milling
  • Automatic machining of parallel planes
  • Cutting limited to the model partition line
  • Drilling, surfacing, core roughing
  • Tool library
  • Collision checking
  • Model placement





2-sided milling


This feature is used when manufacturing the two sides of a model. Mayka facilitates the inversion of the part, so that toolpaths will be aligned correctly to the machine tool.







4-axis milling


Mayka allows you to index your machine's 4 axes or to perform continous 4-axis milling with helical motions with cylindrical strategies, as welll as inside miling and rolling up of toolpaths on a cylinder.


Available for 3, 4 or5-axis milling, Mayka ADVANCE foresees your needs and takes you a step further.


New strategies have been developped so as to optimize calculations and take down the time of milling, still keeping in mind your tool's lifespan. Mayka Advance is dedicated to hard materials as well as to complex shapes. Mayka Advance features all of PicaSoft's milling strategies.











Offset finishing

This new milling strategy offers an impressive finishing on the most complex shapes. Offset finishing is achieved with a 3D contour offset, and thus ensures constant surface on the 3D shape, whatever the curve.





This strategy leads to optimized manufacturing, by remachining the areas that have not been cut at first. Roughing remachining will mill the residual staircase of materials left by the roughing cut. Finishing remachining will mill the areas the tool could not access.







 Mayka Expert, the absolute software for demanding machinists.





Besides its general milling attributes, it also features advanced CAD tools to properly adjust your milling.






Automatic nesting


This new tool is a real time and material saver. You can import several models and Mayka places them all into the material block you choose, so that all the models will actually fit in the block and can thus be milled all at once.








Model splitting


This tool enables you to slice an object into several pieces, depending on defined zones. Splitting planes are zones'facets and can thus be edited and oriented very easily.





Automatic recognition of outlines


Specific outlines such as surfaces edges, horizontal faces, sharp edges can be extracted, so you can generate specific toolpaths, depending on your model structure.



Thermoforming trimming module

This feature enables you to adapt your milling to the thermoforming and materials you are using.


Stone milling

Mayka brings you the special tools you need for stone carving:

  • sitting
  • Core drilling with auto waste ejection cycle
  • Management of disc cutting tools