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Template Edition

This features real time modification of any parameters. It is mainly used by system integrators and CNC manufacturers to optimize the software and the machine.







Model Milling


Thanks to intraoral scanners, it is now possible to create 3D designs without dental impression. With Mayka Dental, you can easily produce a standrad resin model in order to control the denture production. Your CNC can reproduce both parts of the upper and lower jaws for the positioning platforms.






5-axis continous milling

For each selected area, Mayka Dental recognizes insertion axis and undercuts to produce the correct fitting surfaces. Checking the machines capabilities first, Mayka Dental applies continous 5-axis milling toolpaths to guarantee the ultimate results you demand.









Mayka Dental observes all the necessary data to find the most efficient milling strategy. The software detects all implant axis, seating of the screw, drilling depths, horizontal and vertical areas, so the user does not have to worry about a thing.






SDK Mayka Dental for CAD software designers

Mayka SDK (software development kit) is a PicaSoft development platform for CAD software designers. It enables the integration of our existing milling technologies into their CAD software, so that the final user has one interface only, for both the CAD construction and CAM production.





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