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Mayka PRO



Available for 3 or 4-axis machines, Mayka PRO offers you the basics for a great start with CAM softwares.


Mayka Pro features many milling strategies as well as real time savers, so that you can achieve the milling you demand:


  • Engraving of 2D outlines onto 3D models
  • Low relief mapping and projection
  • Contouring, pocket machining, drilling, raised angle cutting...
  • Enhanced sweeping
  • Improved roughing strategies
  • Z-constant milling
  • Automatic machining of parallel planes
  • Cutting limited to the model partition line
  • Drilling, surfacing, core roughing
  • Tool library
  • Collision checking
  • Model placement





2-sided milling

This feature is used when manufacturing the two sides of a model. Mayka facilitates the inversion of the part, so that toolpaths will be aligned correctly to the machine tool.







4-axis milling


Mayka allows you to index your machine's 4 axes or to perform continous 4-axis milling with helical motions with cylindrical strategies, as welll as inside miling and rolling up of toolpaths on a cylinder.




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